Nebraska taco shop biting Fun Fun Fun Fest’s taco cannon style

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The Fun Fun Fun Fest Taco Cannon in 2012.
The Fun Fun Fun Fest Taco Cannon in 2012.

The Fun Fun Fun Fest Taco Cannon in 2012.

A taco shop in Omaha, Nebraska is apparently fans of Fun Fun Fun Fest. Voodoo Taco has decided to use a taco cannon as a promotional tool during Nebraska Cornhuskers sporting events this year. Cool ideas, bros. But, with CNN’s response, you might think this is the first time the idea has been rolled out. If you are a true taco lover (and fan of live music), you know Fun Fun Fun Fest rolled out the original taco cannon in 2012 and continued the tradition last year. Now, the owners of Voodoo Taco don’t take credit for inventing the idea, but something tells me, given the Ramones-esque t-shirt worn by the owner, and the national media attention Fun Fest received in 2012, that Voodoo knows from which the magic was originally born. (The cannon originally shot Torchy’s Tacos but changed ammunition to Tamale House East last year.)

I mean, what taco invention ever came out of Nebraska? Stick to Runzas, bros. But thanks for the homage.

And, Voodoo Taco only has a single-chamber cannon? Looks more like a potato gun to me.

Or, as Transmission Entertainment and Fun Fest co-founder James Moody told me in a message, “Never bring an Omaha taquito pistol to a Texas cannon fight.”

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