Austin cupcake shop one of world’s best, according to Buzzfeed

The Buzzfeed Community recently set about naming the 25 best cupcake shops in the world.

The final list include places all over the world, from Switzerland’s Cuppin’s to South Africa’s Charly’s Bakery.

How the Buzzfeed Community was able to choose from the world’s many cupcake-offering eateries is beyond us, but we won’t complain, because one of Austin’s own made the list.

Photo by Ralph Barrera
Photo by Ralph Barrera

Sugar Mama’s bakeshop, which has previously made Austin360 headlines for baking up Kanye West’s birthday cake and has been a mainstay on Odam’s best Austin bakeries list, was named one of the 25 “cupcake shops to eat at before you die.”

Sugar Mama’s menu is highlighted by such hits as “Banana Puddin,'” a banana buttermilk cake filled with banana pastry cream; “Cowboy,” a vegan and gluten-free chocolate cake filled with whipped peanut butter cream and topped with chocolate frosting and a peanut butter glaze; and “Apocalypse,” a “Cupcake War”-winning cake filled with spicy chipotle truffle filling and topped with chocolate buttercream.

Now that you’re salivating, we should tell you that world-renowned Sugar Mama’s has two Austin locations, one on South First Street and one on Manor Road.

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