Ramen Tatsu-ya and Franklin Barbecue teaming for brisket ramen

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Two of Austin’s most beloved restaurants have teamed for what sounds like a delicious dish. To coincide with their Thursday night appearance on the PBS show “Barbecue with Franklin,” Ramen Tatsu-ya will serve tsukemen ramen featuring brisket from Franklin Barbecue ($15).

Both locations will serve the dipping-style ramen with the famous brisket Thursday from 5 p.m. until sold out. Each location has four sides of brisket, but a Ramen Tatsu-ya spokesperson said he believes the locations will sell out by close of business tomorrow night.

For a little background on tsukemen, the spokesperson had the following to say to diners:

“The brisket will only be available in our tsukemen/dipping ramen. For those who haven’t had it and are interested, tsukemen is a new form of ramen based on a condensed, heavily seasoned pork broth and separate noodles and toppings. Our tsukemen broth, which contains the sliced brisket, will be spiced and seasoned differently than we usually serve it to better accent the intense smoky flavor of Franklin’s brisket.”

The episode of “BBQ with Franklin,” entitled “Leftovers,” which features three chefs creating dishes with leftover barbecue, airs on Thursday at 8 p.m. on KLRU.

Ramen Tatsu-ya expressed gratitude to the team at Franklin Barbecue, who are on summer vacation from July 20-30.

“We want to offer our tremendous thanks to the whole Franklin Barbecue crew for making this happen. We’re so happy and humbled to be a part of ‘BBQ with Franklin’ and to work with their incredible product.”


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