Kerbey Lane Cafe responds to two female customers harrased by bigoted customer

Austin women Leilah Abdennabi and Sirat Al-Nahi posted on their Facebook walls yesterday claiming harassment at the hands of a bigoted customer at the Kerbey Lane Cafe on the Drag. The Muslim women’s stories explained how, when Abdennabi was parking, a male customer at Kerbey Lane suggested the young lady “should just go back to Saudi Arabia where she came from.”

When Al-Nahi asked the customer what he had said, he doubled down on his offensive remarks. Management was alerted to the belligerent guest and chose to defuse the situation by seating the man and the young ladies in separate parts of the restaurant, according to the ladies’ posts.

After learning about what transpired at the restaurant, Kerbey Lane CEO Mason Ayer took to his company’s Facebook page to apologize for the way the situation was handled. He also promised to introduce training for his staff to teach them how to handle offensive and unruly guests in such circumstances.

The Statesman’s Katie Urbaszewski has more on the incident here.

You can read the Facebook posts below:

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