Alamo Drafthouse unveils new kids menu

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Summer blockbuster season is upon us, also known as “what-do-I-do-to-keep-my-kids-occupied-for-the-next-three-months” season. The Alamo Drafthouse has prepared for the onslaught of families by releasing a new kids menu today.

The new menu includes health-conscious options like turkey meatball sliders and sides like roasted broccoli with parmesan. The Drafthouse consulted parents in making changes to the menu that also includes cereal milkshakes and blueberry pancakes. And, don’t worry, traditionalists, there are still mozzarella sticks and a cheese pizza available.

“Going to the movies is a special treat, particularly for families,” Drafthouse director of family and community engagement Amy Averett said. “We wanted our new kids menu to truly reflect that by offering fun, delicious foods that kids can’t get every place else. At the same time, we wanted something that worked in the real world for parents. We’re thrilled with the delicious results that strike a balance between the two.”

In addition to the new items, the Drafthouse is also offering kids a “choose their own adventure” prix fixe option, with one main dish, one side, and one sweet dish available from a select menu for $7.

Check out the menu below.



How do kids feels about the new menu? Well, it is the Drafthouse, so there was a video made …

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