Late-night UT hotspot Big Bite closes in West Campus


Big Bite, the popular greasy sub shop in West Campus that has been a staple of the diets of many UT students for nearly a decade, abruptly closed this month, The Daily Texan reports.

The “About” section on Big Bite’s Facebook page as of 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2017.

Owner Joseph Elghoul told The Daily Texan that American Campus declined to re-lease the restaurant’s location on 24th and Guadalupe after the lease expired in December.

Elghoul said he went to American Campus last May to talk about renewing his lease and didn’t get an answer until late January, when they asked for a franchise.

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“The only franchises that survive around campus is Whataburger and Chipotle,” Elghoul told The Daily Texan. “Everybody else that opens — they open, they close.”

The restaurant, which Elghoul said catered to students- “75 to 80 percent of Big Bite’s customers”- opened in 2009 and its greasy, meaty sandwiches ensured that Big Bite became a late-night hotspot.

“I’m a fast-food chain, like Whataburger, Burger King,” Elghoul told The Daily Texan. “We catered to kids who were drunk or high, and most of it was like the sponge of alcohol food.”

Twitter users, Texas students and Texas Exes offered their fond memories of the restaurant and ranted about the restaurant’s landlord once they learned of the news.


Author: Jake Harris

Social Content Producer for the Austin American-Statesman.

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