Day Without Immigrants: Spanish note at Round Rock Chuy’s threatened firings

Update: Chuy’s human resources vice president Marsha Williams says the sign was not posted by the restaurant, and the author remains unidentified.

“We support all of our employees participating in any way they want to,” Williams said. “No one is being disciplined.”

She added that any employee who chose to take part in the boycott was allowed to participate, and all shifts were successfully covered and reiterated the official statement from Chuy’s on Twitter that no employee will lose their job if they skipped work to acknowledge A Day Without Immigrants.


Austin-based chain Chuy’s stirred up some controversy this morning when a threatening note posted at its Round Rock location made its way to social media.

American-Statesman file
American-Statesman file

The note, written in Spanish, was apparently posted in an employee area of the restaurant. It stated: “Chuys is a great place to work and we need your support. If you choose not to work on Thursday, we will put their names in a cap and the names that are selected will lose their work.”

chuysA photo of the note was posted on Twitter by @manvsparty and was picked up by It is unclear who posted the note or if any disciplinary action was taken. Chuy’s responded to Statesman questions via email and stated that their Tweets below are their official statement. Namely:  “The message posted at our Round Rock location has been removed.  We have covered all shifts for for any employee choosing to participate. We won’t discipline or counsel any employee who chooses to participate.”

Dozens of Austin-area restaurants have closed today, some by choice and apparently  others in the face of staff shortage.






Author: Matthew Odam

Restaurant critic & features writer at Austin American @Statesman and @Austin360. Austin-born 6th generation Texan. Left-handed.

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