Alton Brown agrees with us about the best breakfast taco in Austin (or anywhere)

This is Maritza Vazquez’ food trailer called Veracruz All-Natural Tacos located in east Austin at 1704 E. Cesar Chavez. She is holding a migas taco with a mango agua fresca.

Author, television personality and food scientist Alton Brown is one of many high-profile food folks eating his way through Austin this weekend, as the Austin Food & Wine Festival descends on town.

And, he’s got good taste in tacos. He Tweeted today that the migas taco at Veracruz All-Natural was the best breakfast taco he’s ever eaten. We agree. The homemade tortillas, the soft twirl of eggs, the ripe feathers of avocado, the melty cheese, crunch tortilla strips and perfect salt-and-pepper balance … it is the Platonic ideal of a great taco. So, kudos, Alton for your stellar taste. See you around town.


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