20 Austin restaurants for day drinking on a weekday

Maybe work got cancelled due to weather. Maybe you have friends in from out of town. Maybe you’re playing hooky. Or maybe you’re just thirsty. Dip into one of these Austin restaurants for some day drinking on a weekday. (Because sitting in a restaurant drinking all day somehow seems more acceptable than sitting in a bar all day. Hypocrites.)


Beer Plant: Mitigate the guilt of working through the beer list with some vegan pub fare.
Black Star Co-Op: Fish and chips and house brews.
Boiler Nine: Fun wine list, great beer selection, superb cocktails and you can sit by the fire at the back chef’s counter.
Bonhomie: Tuck into the back cocktail bar with a side of pommes rosti.
Bufalina: Killer wine list, best Neapolitan pizzas in town.
Cafe No Se: Rosè and pastries all day.
Clark’s Oyster Bar: A bottle of minerally white and a dozen oysters to start.
Dai Due: Large format Texas beers and locally sourced grub.
Fresa’s: Margaritas and all the tacos at the sit-down South First spot.
Hopfields: It’s like you discovers your own little pub during a wander around Ireland or France or somewhere magical.
June’s All Day: Big bold French red and a great soundtrack.
Kome: It’s never too early for Japanese whiskey. Right?
La Condesa: Sip one of the cities best margaritas while watching the downtown minions scurry about.
Launderette: Sit at the bar and pair the global fare with wine.
Odd Duck: Burger and whiskey. Repeat.
Perla’s: Bottle of white with some seafood or a bottle of red with beef. Or maybe just an extra dirty martini.
Salt & Time: Ain’t it funny how time just slips away while eating a giant burger and sippin beer.
Sway: Maybe a dry Riesling to go with all of those exuberant Thai flavors?
Texas French Bread: So you dipped into a French red while the person next to you sunk into some soup. Let em judge.
Trio at the Four Seasons: Imagine you’re a movie star or millionaire and maybe get boozed up enough to throw down your credit card for a room, so you can extend the royal treatment a little longer.

Author: Matthew Odam

Restaurant critic & features writer at Austin American @Statesman and @Austin360. Austin-born 6th generation Texan. Left-handed.

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