Restaurant news, dining events and suggested bites from Statesman restaurant critic Matthew Odam.

Dish of the week: Fried quail with egg salad

4:20 pm Mar. 21, 2016

This restaurant has experimented endlessly with quail throughout its 28 months of existence. The dish has appeared on the menu in several iterations. I’ve had a cowboy comfort food version of the bird with buttermilk

Dish of the week: Goat sliders

1:15 pm Mar. 7, 2016

These goat sliders deliver juicy, gamy flavor wrapped in puffed naan ($12). Flecks of roasted jalapeno put their aggressive stamp on charred patties the size of smashed golf balls, with pickled white onions adding pucker

Dish of the week: Grilled pork banh mi

5:01 pm Feb. 22, 2016

Gently sweet grilled pork? Check. Tangy, crunchy pickled carrot and daikon? Check and check. Floral cilantro, fierce raw jalapeno and homemade mayonnaise? Check, check and check. Housemade French baguettes? Well, seven-and-a-half out of eight isn’t

Dish of the week: Nori tama toast

2:30 pm Feb. 15, 2016

I had a little ritual my first few days in Tokyo last spring. Each morning I’d go to the mom-and-pop coffee shop next door to my AirBNB rental and enjoy a cup of coffee, hardboiled

Dish of the week: Chinese spicy jumping fish filet

2:50 pm Feb. 1, 2016

When you order steamed fish dishes, especially ones soaking in sauce, you worry about sogginess. Will the fish hold up? Will it maintain springiness while absorbing its broth? The spicy jumping fish filet I recently ate