Restaurant news, dining events and suggested bites from Statesman restaurant critic Matthew Odam.

Taco Tuesday: Grit-fried chicken taco (gluten free)

2:38 pm Feb. 23, 2016

Living in Austin means you can look beyond Mexican restaurants and trailers for tacos. Especially if the person calling the shots in the kitchen is from Texas. This Dallas-raised chef shows proper respect for his

Taco Tuesday: Pueblo Viejo on East Sixth Street

3:15 pm Feb. 2, 2016

When your trailer sits in the shadow of the popular El Milagro Tortillas on East Sixth Street, you can be forgiven for not making your own tortillas. What’s easier than just running across the street?

Taco Tuesday: La Fantabulous

2:11 pm Jan. 26, 2016

“I like food more than people,” La Fantabulous owner Josie Paredes joked from behind the flat-top grill in her roving taco truck with the seductive mermaid on the side.

At least I think she was